Robert McKellar Douglas

Visual Artist and Scientist

I think of myself as both an artist and a scientist.  Popular culture tends to portray artists and scientists as being very different, but my experience has been that that is not always true. There are many similarities, in the range of personalities involved, in their objectives, and in their daily practice.  Despite this overlap in my mind, this site is devoted to my art interests only.  I have separate web sites for my university research and business.   If you are looking for material that was on previous versions of  my web sites (e.g. old students looking for course resources) please contact me via email.

- Rob

I try to photograph all my works before I send them off, and I have many of the photographs organized on this site.  A few are available for purchase directly from me.

I have been learning ballroom dancing for the last few years.  Not only do I enjoy the dancing, but it has been providing me with inspiration for some paintings.  The photo albums here are mostly for the amusement of my fellow dance students though.

This links to some personal information pages about myself and my family.  Some of the material is not art-related, yet, but I have put it here as I don’t need yet another web site.

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